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Nationwide Training

Terms & Conditions

  1. 1. Obligations of the Trainee

    Obligations of the “Trainee” (The trainee being anyone who is being trained by HGV4ALL Ltd/Complete HGV:


    1. To provide full and accurate information to HGV4ALL Ltd/Complete HGV at all times
    2. Be always in possession of all necessary legal documentation while undertaking their course – the Trainee accepts full responsibility for identity documents.
    3. Ensure they are not under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs during the course. If HGV4ALL Ltd or our accredited Training Partners discover a breach of this commitment the course will be terminated immediately with all relevant fees forfeited.
    4. Undertake to attend their training course on the agreed date(s). If a Trainee wishes to change the agreed dates, they must provide 28 days’ written notice. If notice is not provided and the Trainee fails to attend the course, the course will proceed as originally agreed and the Trainee’s result will be recoded as a ‘Fail’ with all monies paid towards that course forfeited.
    5. Commits to conducting themselves in an appropriate manner: HGV4ALL Ltd reserves the right to terminate a course without notice should they, in their reasonable discretion, decide that a Trainee has acted or behaved inappropriately, including, but not limited to verbal and physical abuse towards HGV4ALL Ltd staff or Training Partner staff.
    6. Whilst under contract with HGV4ALL/Complete HGV the Trainee undertakes that HGV4ALL Ltd/Complete HGV will be their sole training provider for all related training courses. Understands that HGV4ALL Ltd/Complete HGV reserve the right to update or amend these Terms and Conditions (T&C) at any time and that the T&C prevailing at the time of enquiry applies – this is in accordance with law and does not affect a Trainee’s statutory rights.


    1. Training with HGV4ALL Ltd:
    1. The practical courses will last between 3 and 5 days, depending on the course chosen.
    2. A training day may start at various times throughout the day with the Trainee spending between 3.5 and 6 hours in the vehicle each day.
    3. Depending on training centre location and vehicle availability, training will take place usually on a one-to-one (1:1), however it may be two-to-one (2:1) basis.
    4. In the event of the training vehicle breaking down, HGV4ALL Ltd will arrange for the Trainee to have further training to make-up for lost time – this rebooking will be at a time convenient for the Trainee and will be delivered at no extra cost.
    5. In the event that a course or part of a course is cancelled due to instructor illness, HGV4ALL Ltd will rebook any undelivered training at a time convenient for the Trainee and at no extra cost.
    6. In the event that a course or part of a course is cancelled due to inclement weather, HGV4ALL Ltd will rebook any undelivered training at a time convenient for the Trainee and at no extra cost.
    7. If the full complement of training has been delivered but the Test was cancelled, the Trainee can still attend the rearranged Test, but additional training may have to be paid for – please contact HGV4ALL Ltd for prices and terms.
    8. In the event that a Trainee fails to attend or complete their course for whatever reason, all course fees will be forfeited.
    9. HGV4ALL Ltd reserve the right to amend course dates without any financial penalty – appropriate notice will be provided.
    10. Where applicable all course bookings are inclusive of Test fees as above
    11. If for whatever reason the trainee does not pass a test, additional test fees, extra training and other reasonable costs incurred by Complete Training Services Ltd will be chargeable.
    12. All bookings will be confirmed by HGV4ALL Ltd via the phone and sent to the Trainee via post or email. If a Trainee has not received confirmation of their agreed booking, they must contact HGV4ALL Ltd
    13. Any complaints about HGV4ALL Ltd courses should be directed to Customer Services and sent by Special Delivery to the HGV4ALL Ltd, 112 Wheelwright Lane, Coventry CV6 4HH. We will endeavour to reply within 28 working days.

    Typical Costs of Test Fees and Training

     LGV Medical – £50

     LGV Theory & Hazard Perception -£37

     Module 3a Off Road exercise £40

     Module 3b on road £115

     Mod 2 DCPC – £23

     Mod 4 DCPC – £55

     DCPC Module Periodic- £50 per day

    Training @£75 per hour


    3.Payment Details

    1. Course fees including deposits which is non-refundable unless the booking is cancelled within 7 working days of the original payment.
    2. Course fees vary please contact HGV4ALLLtd for details of current prices.
    3. Course fees must be paid in full at least 2 weeks before dates for that course can be arranged on a Trainee’s behalf.
    4. A Trainee’s contract begins on the day of their first transaction/date of this agreement and their contract is valid for a period of 12 months.



    4.Cancellation and Refund Policy

    1. If the Trainee cancels their booking within 7 days of paying their deposit Fee any monies paid to HGV4ALL Ltd will be refunded in full, provided the Trainee returns any documentation in the same condition it was issued and provided the booking was placed without face-to-face contact – this is in accordance with the Distance Selling Regulations, 2000.
    2. Cancellations must be made in writing and sent by Special Delivery to HGV4ALL Ltd at our address. The timescale for all refunds begins from the proof of postage date applied by Royal Mail.
    3. HGV4ALL Ltd will endeavour to acknowledge a Trainee’s cancellation letter within 3 working days of receipt. Subsequent communication will outline the company’s decision regarding the Trainee’s request for a refund and where a refund payment applies this communication will clarify the date and amount of the refund payment.
    4. Any approved refund will be returned to the Trainee in 7 working days from receipt of the Trainee’s request – please refer to clause 4(b) for clarification on when the refund timescale begins.
    5. The term ‘Course Bookings’ and ‘Booking’ applies to any Trainee who has made a full or part-payment towards any course provided by HGV4ALL Ltd.
    6. Pursuant to clause 3(e), the following deductions apply to all refund requests:
    7. Requests received within 7 days of initial transaction: no cancellation fee and no registration fee.
    8. Requests received after 7 days of initial transaction: a cancellation fee of 25% plus £150 Registration Fee.
    9. Trainees can attend the course(s) they have purchased up to 12 months from their initial purchase date – any courses unattended within 12 months of purchase will become null and void with no refund applicable. However, if the Trainee contacts HGV4ALL Ltd in writing before the end of their 12-month contractual period it may be possible to extend their booking – this is at the discretion of HGV4ALL Ltd.
    10. If a Trainee has had dates confirmed in writing (via post or email), the booking is both non-cancellable and non-refundable. If a Trainee has had dates confirmed in writing but finds, they are unable to attend it may be possible to rearrange their booking – this is at the discretion of HGV4ALL Ltd.


    5.Confidentiallity And GDPR

    1. HGV4ALL Ltd will keep confidential any information which the Trainee supplies to us in connection with this agreement. HGV4ALL Ltd does not store credit card details, nor do we share customer details with any 3rd parties.
    2. Should we need to communicate basic personal details to our Training Partners or potential employers (as part of the Recruitment services we offer), we will ask for the Trainee’s permission before doing so.
    3. Fair Processing Notice

    This notice is to inform you of the purposes for which we collect your personal information and to notify you of the types of parties with whom that personal data will be shared, in compliance with data protection legislation.

    The personal information will be processed in accordance with HGV4ALL Ltd privacy policy, which can be found at policy.

     Personal information you provide to us will be shared with the DVSA.

    1. Those service providers necessary in order to provide HGV4ALL Ltd communications and services.

    Your employer
    Those bodies who require confirmation of your training and qualifications, including current and prospective employers, regulatory bodies, recruitment agencies and through our online portal

    1. Personal information will be collected for the purpose of:
      Recording and verifying completed HGV4ALL Ltd training
      Providing verification services
      Providing training services and related services (e.g., to allow certificates to be printed, and to carry out necessary checks against fraud prevention)
      To contact you with service communications relating to your training
      Photos may be shared on social media site.


    6.Other Terms

    1. By paying the minimum Registration Fee the Trainee agrees to participate in HGV4ALL Ltd publicity.
    2. This agreement is governed by English law. Both HGV4ALL Ltd and the Trainee submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English and Welsh courts in relation to any dispute concerning this agreement.


    7.Standard Course Fees

    Cat C Full Package £9795

    Cat C 16 hours Practical training inc Mod 3a & 3b £1295

    Cat CE 16 Hours Practical Training inc Mod 3a & 3b £1295

    Cat CE Fastrack 32 hours Practical Training Mod 3a & 3b £2400

    Cat CE Full Package £3075