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Over the years our LGV Training has developed training courses that help all skill levels succeed in gaining their HGV Licence. Our experienced instructors will help guide you through the process progressing at your pace. Complete HGV recognizes that not all candidates are the same and have a course to suit your ability.

You may be an experienced van driver or have grandfather rights with a 7.5t license. We have developed a 4-day 16-hour Cat C course including both the off-road and on-road tests which suits people with this experience. If you are a novice to large vehicles, then maybe the 5-day Cat C course is more suitable. Either way, Complete HGV’s experienced instructors will mentor you through what’s required.

During your training, the instruction will focus on the following areas

  • Vehicle Safety
  • Proper use of Vehicle Controls
  • Road Safety and Awareness
  • Speed Awareness
  • Observation, Anticipation & Planning
  • Road Craft Skills
  • Vehicle Positioning
  • Highway Code

Since November 2021 the Driving Test (Module 3) has been split into two sections with you required to pass the off-road (module 3a) test before proceeding to the on-road test (Module 3b). Unfortunately, you cannot proceed to Mod 3b/on-road test without producing a Mod 3a off-road pass certificate. This applies to all categories of tests C1, C, CE, and cat D- tests.

To help with the 3a process LGV Training has a large dedicated fully tarmac reverse area in Coventry. All set up as per the DVSA test site for you to practice your off-road exercise in a secluded area. WE can have up to 4 complete reverse areas at any one time, so plenty of solid space for you to practice.

For experienced Cat C drivers we can offer both a 4-day or 5-day course to suit your ability. Some drivers have had the experience of reversing large trailers or caravans and may find a 4-day course suits them better, however,  some may find they need more time to understand the offroad element and therefore may find the 5 days Complete HGV course more suitable.

If you have been a bus driver/cat D we have found that a 6-day course Fastrak course gets the best results and allows the development of your current driving skills for large vehicles to blend better with the required skills for passing the cat CE course,

Fasttrak courses are suitable for candidates who want to go direct to cat CE/class 1 license and miss out on the requirement for Cat C. Where you have a cat B car license then we always recommend the 8-day Fastrak course. With this course, you will start in one of our Cat C vehicles for up to 3 days before progressing to a Cat CE vehicle. Our LGV Training instructors will guide you on what is required stage by stage and ensure you are ready to take the next journey to the class 1 vehicle.

To obtain the best course for you and ensure we offer you great value for money please use the Complete HGV unique Course builder from where we will be able to offer you the best deals around. So whatever you decide remember be safe.

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