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Can I start my training straight away?

If you have a current HGV theory and Hazard Perception test pass certificate, yes you can book on to one of our HGV training courses straight away.

What is the process to gain my provisional HGV Licence?

The process of gaining your provisional licence can take about 12 weeks.

1st you need to pass an HGV Medical and post your D2 Licence Form and D4 Medical form signed by a doctor and your licence to the DVLA. This can take up to 10 weeks before your licence is returned, If you send your forms via registered post we have noticed that they can be returned quicker

The licence application sounds complicated, can I get some help?

Included in our full training package is expert industry help. We organize everything for you. We book your medical, help complete D2/D4 forms, and forward them to the DVLA. Once you receive your provisional licence back we can then book you Theory and Hazard Perception tests.

Can I start practical training without Theory Test Pass?

While you can drive to do your LGV Training without passing a Theory and Hazard Perception Test, unfortunately, you cannot be presented for a practical test without them.

Do I need a CPC before I start training?

No, you only need Drive CPC Card if you wish to drive commercially for a living

How long does it take for me to gain my HGV Licence?

Currently, it can take anywhere between 4 & 6 months from start to finish.

Has the reverse exercise been taken out of the test?

No, the practical driving test is now split into two sections. Module 3a is the off-road exercise, which must be passed before taking Module 3b the on-road test. Mod 3b which is what you may call the actual driving test can not be completed without a valid Mod 3a pass certificate.

If I pass in an Automatic is my licence restricted to Automatics only?

With a modern fleet of vehicles, all our HGV are automatics as long as you have a Cat B car Licence for a manual vehicle then your licence will not be restricted

Can I go straight to Class 1/CE?

In November 2021, the staging for HGV Licence was removed so you can now go straight to class 1 Fastrak.

How many days is a Class 1/CE Fastrak course take?

Usually, it takes 8 days including the test for a novice driver of a large vehicle, However people with experience of driving buses/Cat D could complete this in 6 days.